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Angela's Story


Angela's Story

My name is Angela and I am a mother who experienced the life and death of twin girls in 1979. I was 28 weeks pregnant and right up till I gave birth at 28 weeks there were 2 heartbeats recorded. Sadly one of the twins died, I was told that the 2nd twin was stillborn. I asked to see her and that she was to be given the first rights as I am a catholic, both these requests had been refused. When I asked why they said because she was born dead. I was so confused at the time of the birth I had just experienced a birth but also a loss all at the same time, the surviving twin was kept in the neo natal unit she weighed 2 pound 6 ounces.

I myself was placed on a ward with mothers and their babies I was so bemused the words "why me" kept echoing through my mind. Suddenly I am greeted with the hospital informing me that they can bury my baby for a fee. I had only given birth a few hour earlier.

I couldn’t think straight my emotions where all over the place, I didn’t know if I was crying for the surviving twin or the dead twin or me. My husband came to the hospital that evening and he was told he couldn’t see our baby either, but my husband took the details to the registry office to register the birth. He was told that we can only register the live birth but with the stillborn twin would wouldn’t be given a birth certificate or a death certificate, we can only have an entry of stillbirth certificate. This had no baby’s name on it, all it had was where the stillbirth occurred and that it was a female and who the parents were and what our occupation was at the time.

No real recognition for my baby daughter, they didn’t even indicate on the surviving twins birth certificate that she was one of twins. It was indeed as if my lost baby had never existed. This is a law that my campaign is fighting to have changed to allow the rights of the stillborn children to have proper recognition of their births.

All parents who experience a stillbirth should be given a proper birth certificate because we did give birth to that baby .

Regardless of how long ago the stillbirth occurred it still hurts, they say time is a great healer but this is not the case. As any mother and father who experience the heartaches of stillbirths time does not heal and no matter how many children you go on and have after the feeling of loss and emptiness does not go away.

So my site is a place where all parents or siblings who have suffered this heartache can come to and talk to others who understand their pain because nobody understand it more than parents who have been through it